Sunday, April 20, 2008

In this picture i can see of a sumo wrestler and child. The might be trying very hard to push the wrestler out of the ring. The sumo wrestler might be teaching this child to fight like sumo wrestler. It is also could be of a real sumo match that the child might be part of sumo wrestler. I think in this picture the sumo wrestler must not be really hurting the child. This also can't be a picture of two real sumo wrestlers. The child must be trying to knock down the big sumo wrestler. If the sumo wrestler kicks the child he could fly to his house. But I think the sumo is going to crush the child like a tank.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How Technology can make life easier or worse

Technology makes life easier and harder. For example, cell phones make it possible to communicate with other people. You can reach them at any time and any place. The problem is that it can be difficult if people are always contact in you. It can interrupt a busy schedule.

Computers sometimes make life easier but if they don’t work they can make life impossible. For example, it is easy to type an assay on the computer but if the printer doesn’t work it can be like a bad dream.

The worse technology is weapons. For example weapons kill people and destroy necessary things.

Monday, March 31, 2008

If I had a million dollar

If I had a million dollar I would buy me some king of company. It would be very good if I could buy the Tajik Aluminum company. From that company I would earn five hundred thousand dollar per month. I would plan to give fifty percent of my income to local governments for developing the agriculture and to help them to fight against poverty. With the rest of my income I would try to buy and also to built small corporation.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My circle of friends

Meeting my best friend before coming to NGO - Program

Khurshed is my friend who I met one week before coming to Missoula for a special program NGO. I met him in the American embassy in Tajikistan. We were sitting next to each other for getting Visa to USA. Then we got our Visas. Khurshed was so happy that he invited me to the dinner. We had dinner and we talked for a couple of hours about how we will get to Missoula. Then we decided this problem and Khurshed went to his house and I went back to house. It was one week before we came to Missoula. Also, we met each other a few times for filling out some documents. He helped me o lot with my documentation. Furthermore, we found out that we studied in the same University in Tajikistan, but we didn't know about each other. We got to know each other and became very good friends. So we got the same flight schedule to Missoula for a special program.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tajiks national food - Plov

Plov is one of the national foods of the Tajik people. This rice dish, which is yellow due to the

carrots ond oil, is eaten in weddings. Plov is essential because it keeps people in touch with the

old traditions during the most important times of life. One marvelous thing about Plov is that

you can eat it either with a spoon or with your hand, whatever you prefer. As for me, I like to

eat Plov with my hand, when I am in my home and when I eat it with my family or friends. That

is more comfortable for me. A wedding is not a wedding without Plov. The tradition of Plov

extends into other ceremonies. To taste Plov is to taste the Tajik spirit.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Childhood

When I was a child I was so spoiled that every time, when I wanted to obtain something I could get it easily. For example, every time when my parents have had to go shopping, they would have to take me with them, and the reason is because, there was nobody else in the house who could watch after me. The reason they could not refuse my demand was that they did not want my nasty crying face with the high voice. This was the only perfect way that worked for my parents. This is the only funny story of my childhood that I remember every time, when I see other kids crying in the stores.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The greatest holiday Navruz in Tajikistan

Navruz is the greatest spring ''New Year'' holiday in Tajikistan. Navruz is celebrated each year on March 21. Navruz has been celebrated for more then 2.500 years. Its name means ''new day'' in Farsi because to ancient Persians it marked the first day of the New Year. Navruz is celebrated in daytime hours within the family circle and with festivals, horseracing, and dog and cock fights.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting Camping Experience

Last summer, I was in NGO program. I went camping with my friends and teachers in Missoula. We were camping about three days. There were peaple from different countries, from Japan, Chine and other countries. We played all night. We didn't sleep at night. And also we went to lakes. We swam every afternoon. At night we went back to our camp. Our teachers always told us don't play at night. They told that there a lot of bears around. They told us this so we didn't sleep at night, and they wanted to scare us. Amazingly, it wasn't really scary. It was the most exciting experience I have ever had. And I didn't see the bear.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sino Eshov