Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My circle of friends

Meeting my best friend before coming to NGO - Program

Khurshed is my friend who I met one week before coming to Missoula for a special program NGO. I met him in the American embassy in Tajikistan. We were sitting next to each other for getting Visa to USA. Then we got our Visas. Khurshed was so happy that he invited me to the dinner. We had dinner and we talked for a couple of hours about how we will get to Missoula. Then we decided this problem and Khurshed went to his house and I went back to house. It was one week before we came to Missoula. Also, we met each other a few times for filling out some documents. He helped me o lot with my documentation. Furthermore, we found out that we studied in the same University in Tajikistan, but we didn't know about each other. We got to know each other and became very good friends. So we got the same flight schedule to Missoula for a special program.

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